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6 Technology Trends That Will Take This Year by Storm

The Consumer Electronics Show is not the only indicator of hot new trends developing in the market. That said, the products and services introduced and exhibited during CES always generate a lot of excitement and show potential trends we should follow.

The 2018 CES is no different. There was a lot of interesting new tech that fit with the trends shaping up in the market right now. New wearables, better health gadgets, and technology for smarter homes are just a few of the top trends to watch. In this article, we are going to dig deeper and take a closer look at the five technology trends that will take this year by storm.

Android as an Ecosystem

While most consumers focus more on devices and new smartphones, there is an interesting trend brewing in the background: Android as an ecosystem. As an operating system, Android offers so much. It is available for phones and tablets as well as wearables.

The Android and Chrome OS convergence is another big indicator of this trend. Google is making both operating systems more related to each other by allowing Chrome OS devices to run Android apps. Google Assistant is also available on Chrome OS, making the convergence a very significant move.

AI for Consumers

Artificial Intelligence or AI has been at the forefront of innovation, particularly for enterprise users. AI enables companies to gather, process, and understand more data than ever before. It also helps with things such as automation.

There is no doubt that AI will be a big part of consumer tech going forward. Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and the new generation of smart assistants and AI-based features are becoming so advanced that they can cater to each user’s personal needs and preferences.

Smart(er) Homes

Smart home tech is also creating lots of headlines right now. Smart hubs are getting smarter and more compatible with other devices. There are third-party OEMs producing smart hubs designed to work with multiple systems, with users having the final say.

Home appliances are getting much smarter too. On top of that, appliances can now communicate and work with each other in a seamless and streamlined way. Based on what we have seen during the 2018 CES, 2018 is the year of smarter homes indeed.

Immersive Interaction

For so many years, we have relied on certain input methods to interact with technology. Manual input methods such keypress or mouse click and touch-based input have reached their limit, which is why tech companies are developing new ways to interact with their products.

Voice is already big, especially with smarter virtual assistants and AI powering this type of interaction. The introduction of Augmented Reality (AR) and other types of technology will certainly open the gate for a more immersive interaction with technology.

AV Technology

We’ve been seeing AV technology used quite a lot in education over the past couple of years, and this is set to expand further in 2018.  If you’re wondering what an AV receiver does, this link explains what one actually does, but in simplified terms, an AV receiver is able to transmit audio and visual signals from any input device to a display.  Not only has this been useful in classrooms, but it’s becoming especially popular with those who want a home cinema experience.  Visit this resource on choosing your AV receivers to find out more.

Emphasis on User Experience

The growing focus on user experience or UX is difficult to miss. OEMs can no longer design their products without taking into account the user experience they want to deliver. Users are more sensitive to UX elements too, so expect to see things such as gadgets that feel really good in the hand, user interfaces with more fluid animations, and a generally better experience from the best tech products of the future.

These trends are not just shaping up slowly and following the course of the market. They are taking the tech world by storm and breaking boundaries like never before. Things can only get more exciting from here on in.


The Risks Of Rooting Your Android Phone

The Risks Of Rooting Your Android Phone

When you got a smartphone, it new, shiny and neat. You can go online and download whatever app you want. But, what happens when your phone starts to slow down and no longer you can download the apps and themes you wanted. In this case, many people turn to rooting. Even though this is a highly popular process, some users are still skeptical because many things can go wrong. So, if you ever decide to root your phone, here are the things you need to pay attention to, to avoid further problems.

Your phone can become useless

If you aren’t skilled enough, then don’t attempt to root your phone. Otherwise, you can turn it into a brick. With the usage of different codes, your phone software can get very damaged, that you can only throw it away. So, are you ready to take this risk?

You can lose your warranty

Rooting your phone is a legal action, but, if you do it yourself, it can cost you your warranty. For example, you root the phone, and after some time you experience some malfunction in hardware and software. In this case, your warranty won’t be valid, and you won’t be able to cover your costs, nor the damage you have caused. So, when rooting, think about the condition of your phone, for more expensive models, we don’t recommend such action.

Malware can breach the mobile security

PhoneWhen you root the phone, you are changing the entire operating system, but also its security restrictions. In this case, worms, viruses, spyware, and Trojans can infect the rooted Android device, if it’s not protected with the proper antivirus program. They can take over your phone and act behind your back, making you a lot of damage, like collecting the passwords and credit card details.

Smartphone security advice

If you decided to root your phone, then make sure to research it thoroughly and get familiar with the entire procedure because any mistakes can make you lose your device. Also, install a proper antivirus software to protect yourself from intrusion.

How To Root Your Android Device?

How To Root Your Android Device?

If you have researched everything about the Android, then you have probably have heard of tooting. In the many cases, a lot of android phones don’t live up to their potential, and in this case, the rooting is the only answer. On the other, most of the phone you buy now, are better and provide better performance, than the phones a few years ago. In this case, the rooting isn’t necessary, but, for the rest of the people, who have older phones, this might be a necessity. So, if you decide to root your phone, here is what you need to do.

Should you root?

People have different reasons why they want to root their phones. But, before taking this action, make sure you absolutely need rooting. In most cases, the Android users want to add something to their phone, whether it’s the speed, new applications or prolong the battery life. The rooting can also fix your phone and add it another dimension. In this case, you can avoid buying a new device because you will be getting a new one. Before you start this process, make sure you will be responsible for the apps and security risk later. That’s why many people don’t take this step.

Prepare your phone

Before you start with the rooting, you will need to prepare your phone for this process, depending on the method you use. In many cases, you will need to install Android SDK or unlock your bootloader. This might sound too much work, but it’s nothing too tricky and if you know how to use these tools, it can help you if something goes wrong. In most cases, it is always better to root your phone over PC, because it’s more reliable.

Commercial rooting tools

There are a lot of famous apps and rooting software on the market that can be done with or without a PC. But, many experts recommend you should use a computer while performing this action. One of the most popular are Kingo Root, Once Click Root and Rootfunder. Unfortunately, these apps can’t root every phone, and their developers are doing the best job to adjust them to every model on the market.

Rooting ToolsWhile we can’t validate that these apps contain malware and viruses, or send your data to the server, a lot of people have expressed the concern about them. Of course, you shouldn’t neglect these assumptions, and you should always reset your Android device, clear all personal files and information before installing them. But, we think you have nothing to worry about because these apps are one of the best on the market, based on the user’s opinion.

Why Should You Root Your Android Device?

Why Should You Root Your Android Device?

Android is one of the most popular operating systems on the market, first of all, it’s versatile, open and you can customize it based on your personal needs. Many Android users are afraid of rooting their phone, but you would be surprised at the benefit you can accomplish. So, here are some things that Android rooting will provide you.

Unlock the hidden features

If you are an advanced user, then sometimes even Android can’t provide you features you are looking for. Some apps can be blocked by carriers, or they aren’t available. In this case, rooting can help you because it will provide you an opportunity to install the latest apps and make them compatible with your device. Overall, rooting gives you the power to do anything you want.

Automate everything

You have probably heard about the Tasker; this is an app that can automate anything on your phone. Of course, you don’t need to root your phone to install this app, but if you do, it will work much better. For example, some tasks such as toggling 3G, GPS, changing the PCU speed and turning on the screen. These actions require root access. So, if you want the full benefits of the Tracker, then you will have to root your phone.

It will boost your phone and prolong the battery life

Android RootMost Android users are facing these difficulties. After some time, you will probably notice that your phone is decreasing in speed and your battery lasts less. This is a typical thing because developers are making apps to support stronger and newer phones, which automatedly reduces the performance of older phones. But, if you root your phone and install the app called SetPCU, it can overclock your phone and provide better performance, while underclocking it for better battery life.

How To Root An Android Device With A Kingo Rooting Tool

How To Root An Android Device With A Kingo Rooting Tool

Kingo root service has enabled Android users to root their devices in a fastest and the most convenient way. They had offered us a one-click method which is safe and reliable to use, and even inexperienced individuals can apply it to their phone. So, how does this tool work and how should you use it?

Rooting without PC

When you are starting this entire process, the experts recommend you should try Kingo Root without PC; it is more convenient and more comfortable to use. First of all, in the setting of your phone, you should allow the installation from unknown source. This app is free to download, and once this process is completed, you should launch the Kingo Root app. You should press the button One Click Root and wait for the results to appear, if this fails, try other several rooting methods if you still don’t have success refer to a PC version, which was known to have a higher success rate.

Rooting process with PC

To perform this action, your device must be on; the battery level has to be at least 50%, connected to the internet and attached to your PC with a USB connection. First of all, you need to download and install Kingo Rooting software on your computer, and it’s free. You can find this program on many websites online.

Then, double-click the icon on your desktop and launch Kingo Android Root. After you start the software, you will see interface appear.


The next step is to attach your smartphone device to your computer using the USB connection. If a device driver isn’t installed on your computer, the Kingo will install it automatically. If you are using Windows 8, make sure to adjust the settings because you will have to make some changes, if you want your drivers to be installed.

Make sure to have USB Debugging mode enabled because it’s a necessary step for android rooting. Also, pay attention to important notifications, such as, “always allow from this computer.” If you don’t, then you will get an offline device. The final step is to click Root and wait for the process to finish, hopefully successful.

Kingo Android Root – The Fastest Rooting For Your Android Devices

Kingo Android Root – The Fastest Rooting For Your Android Devices

In the times of Gingerbread and Éclair, options like SuperOneClick and Z4Root were excellent tools among the Android smartphone users. But, in the recent years, the Google has stepped up its game and increased security measures. So, the mentioned tools have lost position in a global market, mostly because they were connected to old versions of Android. Z4Root offered some great solutions, and they were very applicable to any android device. Basically, they invented just one click rooting method. On the other hand, SuperOneClick is a universal tool, which can be used on many smartphone devices powered by Windows. But, this tool doesn’t enable the user’s proper work on the gadgets after the rooting. So, if you want to explore this option, then you will have to use it on your own account.

Kingo Android Root

Even though Kingo Android Root was initially designed to support 90 smartphone devices, many users provided a positive feedback and told us; this tool also supports some other smartphones. One of the first things you need to do, and that’s to install the software on your PC and get started. The program is available on many websites online. The software interface is quite primary, so there is nothing too complicated for you. When you install the program on your computer, you need to connect the device, using the USB connection. Sometimes the settings for USB connection are hidden, so you need to follow the instructions and enable to connection, without this, you won’t be able to use Kingo Android Root.

KingoThe next step is to see your current root status on your device and essential root notifications. Experienced users often recommend that you read everything provided on your screen before you proceed with this action. Once you press the root button, there will be no coming back. You should supervise the entire rooting process, from connectivity to fetching scripts, waiting for a device to respond, and downloading required files. You need to make sure to have your phone in the plain sight, so you don’t miss the critical requests. Carefully read everything, before you proceed with the next application.