Kingo root service has enabled Android users to root their devices in a fastest and the most convenient way. They had offered us a one-click method which is safe and reliable to use, and even inexperienced individuals can apply it to their phone. So, how does this tool work and how should you use it?

Rooting without PC

When you are starting this entire process, the experts recommend you should try Kingo Root without PC; it is more convenient and more comfortable to use. First of all, in the setting of your phone, you should allow the installation from unknown source. This app is free to download, and once this process is completed, you should launch the Kingo Root app. You should press the button One Click Root and wait for the results to appear, if this fails, try other several rooting methods if you still don’t have success refer to a PC version, which was known to have a higher success rate.

Rooting process with PC

To perform this action, your device must be on; the battery level has to be at least 50%, connected to the internet and attached to your PC with a USB connection. First of all, you need to download and install Kingo Rooting software on your computer, and it’s free. You can find this program on many websites online.

Then, double-click the icon on your desktop and launch Kingo Android Root. After you start the software, you will see interface appear.


The next step is to attach your smartphone device to your computer using the USB connection. If a device driver isn’t installed on your computer, the Kingo will install it automatically. If you are using Windows 8, make sure to adjust the settings because you will have to make some changes, if you want your drivers to be installed.

Make sure to have USB Debugging mode enabled because it’s a necessary step for android rooting. Also, pay attention to important notifications, such as, “always allow from this computer.” If you don’t, then you will get an offline device. The final step is to click Root and wait for the process to finish, hopefully successful.

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