In the times of Gingerbread and Éclair, options like SuperOneClick and Z4Root were excellent tools among the Android smartphone users. But, in the recent years, the Google has stepped up its game and increased security measures. So, the mentioned tools have lost position in a global market, mostly because they were connected to old versions of Android. Z4Root offered some great solutions, and they were very applicable to any android device. Basically, they invented just one click rooting method. On the other hand, SuperOneClick is a universal tool, which can be used on many smartphone devices powered by Windows. But, this tool doesn’t enable the user’s proper work on the gadgets after the rooting. So, if you want to explore this option, then you will have to use it on your own account.

Kingo Android Root

Even though Kingo Android Root was initially designed to support 90 smartphone devices, many users provided a positive feedback and told us; this tool also supports some other smartphones. One of the first things you need to do, and that’s to install the software on your PC and get started. The program is available on many websites online. The software interface is quite primary, so there is nothing too complicated for you. When you install the program on your computer, you need to connect the device, using the USB connection. Sometimes the settings for USB connection are hidden, so you need to follow the instructions and enable to connection, without this, you won’t be able to use Kingo Android Root.

KingoThe next step is to see your current root status on your device and essential root notifications. Experienced users often recommend that you read everything provided on your screen before you proceed with this action. Once you press the root button, there will be no coming back. You should supervise the entire rooting process, from connectivity to fetching scripts, waiting for a device to respond, and downloading required files. You need to make sure to have your phone in the plain sight, so you don’t miss the critical requests. Carefully read everything, before you proceed with the next application.

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