One Click Root Software Review

Cell phones are packed with different apps, extras, and settings that most people never use. They make use of a limited number of software and modifications, so there is a demand for rooting the devices to improve the user’s experience. Everyone will appreciate the possibility to speed up their gadget and deal only with apps that they want to. Earlier, it was hard to root smartphones, but today many programs, like the One Click Root software, do the job. They help customers connect their smart devices to the computer and root them by clicking one button.

One Click Root Inc. developed this phone root program for Android. The complete list of cell phones that you can root is available online. The license price is affordable and the following review will introduce you to what the users pay for.

One Click Root: Considering a Rooting Tool for Android Phones

So, you download the 24 MB piece of software that works using a clear three-step method: connecting a device, identifying it, and rooting. Do not forget to set a ‘USB Debugging Mode’ or else you will fail to make the rooting. To process, you need a USB cable, minimum 25 % battery, and the MAC address of the connected PC. For those users who are not tech-savvy, live chat option at the bottom of the program window can be useful, so speak with a root expert if you are stuck or have something to clarify about your options.

While operating, the tool is quite light on the resources of CPU, RAM, and HDD. So, it does not take long even if your PC is outdated. However, some slowdowns may occur, which usually does not cause much problem. After you are done, you may modify your device to make it to order:

  • Speed up your device: Probably, this is the main reason why users root their smartphones. They want to increase its speed and, therefore, improve the performance of most apps. In most cases, you will increase the battery life as well in case you figure out the right way to use the CPU.
  • Convert your phone to largely automatic operation: Rooting is a tool that helps you modify screen settings, GPS, 3 or 4G, CPU speed and some other features that are not configurable with default OS settings.
  • Figure out what features you can unlock: After you root your device, you may find out that you can easily have the use of the apps that have been incompatible with your phone recently. This will allow you to boost its performance and make your user experience more fun.
  • Block advertisements: Usually, apps generate plenty of ads which is annoying. You can activate the AdBlock Plus or any other plugin to prevent interrupting whatever you are doing on your device.
  • Do a full backup: Most smartphones can make only partial backups, so you risk losing your data if something happens. Therefore, a full backup option is a demanding one nowadays. You can enable it with rooting by installing an appropriate app.
  • Remove all the software that you do not feel up to: Many users face the problem when they cannot remove preinstalled software on their smartphones. You can get rid of them without effort after the root procedure.
  • Stop spy apps and delete viruses: You may have no idea about the spy software on your device. Fortunately, rooting is a good tool that helps delete such abuse software and prevent its installation in the future. That is why security officers sometimes ask to root the devices of the personnel, who use their personal phones to answer the business calls and store company’s data.

The One Click Root requires some improvement, including developing solutions for the operating systems other than Android. It looks like iOS and Windows users as well need such a tool. Moreover, the app cannot be used on Linux machines. In general, more configurations and settings are required to meet the needs of smartphone users these days.

However, Android users appreciate the simplicity and high speed they experience working with the tool. It’s worth noting that pop-ups and prompts do not bother those who use the program. An indisputable advantage is that the app provides customer support that assists users with rooting and unrooting Android, installing root apps, repairing mobile OS, removing Bloatware, and more.

As a brief summary, the One Click Root saves time if you root mobile devices frequently. It supports plenty of Android phones, and more items will be included in the list soon. You can check the recent devices on the company’s main page. The customer help is useful, including chatting, a contact form, FAQs, and how-to guidelines. Anyway, it’s recommended to study the warnings and guarantees before you root your gadget.