Key Reason to Root Your Android

Among the world-known mobile platforms, Android is one of the most customizable. Once you root it, Android becomes even more customizable.

Getting access to your device “root” directories is better with the help of rooting process. Users always kept away from the mentioned directories by manufacturers. It is done in order for you to not brick your device in case of accidental deleting of some files. Moreover, it is done in order to not allow users deleting and uninstalling “bloatware” applications. In short, all Android tablets and devices are quite powerful. In the same time, users are allowed to use only a small part of its possibilities. If you want to experience the full potential of your devise, rooting of your Android is must.

Here are the key reasons why your Android needs to be rooted:


In case you have an experience of searching for good Android applications online, you surely found yourself unable to install them on your device. In case you try to reach an app, you always got the next image from the Google Play Store:

That is definitely not makes you happier. In the same time, there is not logical reason why you see this message in the first place. Mostly, phone carriers make it impossible to install apps that compete with their own apps. In some other cases, you can get this message because an app is not available in your “area, region or country”, though it will still operate without a glitch when you install it. Therefore, rooting allow you installing all of these applications, which means you will never see the mentioned message.


It is also possible to expand your battery’s life and its speed. It is much-needed feature, especially for Android. You will not find a single phone user who have never complained about battery lifespan. Besides, in certain versions of Android the work of OS must have a higher speed.

Rooting Android will definitely make your phone to work faster and expand its battery life. Among the similar tools, SetCPU is the exact one that helps in improving the work of device and its battery life all at once. Moreover, with SetCPU you can easily overclock your phone in case you need additional performance or underclock it when you do not need it. All this features provide better performance and bigger battery life.

Another similar application, Greenify, includes the ability to take cover definite applications, which you do not use. When you need some applications to operate in the background, “Greenify” will provide you with such an opportunity. The work of app will be freeze up until you activate it once more.

Away from applications, you improve performance and increase battery life by installing custom ROMs.


Worldwide, Tasker is the exact application that is highly under-appreciated nowadays. With Tasker app, you can manage virtually everything automated in your life. This application can easily let you to start your morning from your beloved song. For example, you can connect your phone to Bluetooth speakers, so your much-loved song will be played at 5:30pm every day. With Tasker, you can easily manage any similar activity.

    • The key features of Tasker are following:
    • State definite apps to have an extended screen time-out, as for your Kindle application
    • State definite apps to launch once definite conditions are encountered, like opening a file browser window while placing in an SD card
    • Switch your phone on airplane mode instantly, providing its reconnection every single hour in order to check messages
    • State your phone to play definite songs for definite alarms at definite times or days
    • Force your device to enter “quiet mode” once it is face down, closing the speakers, Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi
    • In case one of your friends speaks too loud, Tasker can easily reduce call volume when you have a received call from definite number.

Tasker allows you getting really super smart phone with full range of features. Every update will improve the app more and more, eventually turning it into app suitable to use.

Non-rooted users can reach only basic features of Tasker, but more profound “tasks” call for rooting.


Among the users of Android, the option with rooting the device is quite popular. There are no users, who want to watch commercials constantly, especially while searching on the internet or playing games. In addition, the ads is always placed in the spaces on the screen where it hinders a lot. Moreover, one click on the commercial can lead you to another page interfering your main activity.

You can easily block commercials across all apps and browsers once you root your Android devise. You can set up new settings for your phone to block data from definite servers, which are specially created to distribute advertisements. Moreover, you can even block entire advertisement nets through blocking them on the basis levels.

If you do not want to be disturbed by numerous advertisements, you should block them by installing ad-blocking apps like AdBlock Plus, AdFree, and AdAware.


The possibility to back up the entire information and data from your device is not available for non-rooted Android users. They can only back up some data, including contact information and some definite types of apps.

Once launching rooting of the device, you will have a possibility to back up easily everything on your device, together with system apps and their data, message history, and settings, and all your contact info. Among the best tools, Titanium Backup is the most powerful instrument. With it, only in few minutes you will transfer all the data from your old device to your new Android.


Numerous bloatware apps are installed on new Android devices automatically. Together with taking up valued storage space, these bloatware apps by running in the background steal a lot of battery life. When you are working on non-root device, you cannot uninstall these apps. Manufacturers made its impossible to get rid of the apps that you mostly never need to use. Luckily, rooting Android allow you uninstalling this previously installed crapware. Deleting all the useless apps can increase space, expand your performance and reduce mess in your app drawer.


In case you deal with an Android made by HTC, Samsung, and other manufacturers, then you are definitely not using stock Android. In its place, the Android you are using is just a modified skin of Android. There may be some cases when mentioned skins improve Android. Many people like to use HTC’s Sense UI, and even Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, but not so often. Mostly, Android skins are massive, horrid, or some mixture of the two. You can significantly improve look of your device and get rid of the skins once rooting Android.


You Even have no idea how many additional useful features your Android device has. It is literary packed with numerous hidden features. Unluckily, the biggest part of users never gain access to those features. Therefore, by rooting your device you get closer to the things you never knew how to use and where to use.

Next are some key features you can reach only once you root Android:

    • Add to your phone a PlayStation controller in order to manage mobile games
    • Block definite callers from calling at definite times
    • Download numerous apps that are not available in your region/country
    • Make Google and other websites to think that your phone is from a different country
    • Defend yourself from public Wi-Fi nets and ARP, DOS, and MITM attacks
    • Use your camera in high-FPS ways, including permitting 240fps slow motion on devices that have no similar feature


Charging for tethering is one of the most annoying characteristics of US carriers. In the same time, tethering is deactivated on Android devices on US carriers similar to AT&T and Verizon. In short, tethering allows you turning your device into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, so you can get a chance to connect easily your PC or laptop to the network.

Be sure, this feature can help a lot; the single problem is in the fact that it costs $10 to $25 per month. You can get rid of this problem, as once rooting Android you will be able to tether without your carrier ever find out about it. After rooting, you will need to download a wireless tether app in order to start using your phone’s data connection.


It is surely one of the key advantages of rooting - flashing a custom ROM. Moreover, you can also as same successfully flash a custom kernel. In simple terms, the kernel is the tool your phone uses in order to communicate with your applications. There are different kernels, some better and more efficient than others. When you look through kernels, it is important to pay your attention at better battery life, performance, or a different variety of features. On the Google Play Store, you can find many great kernel manager applications that will ease you work with your device a lot.

As the conclusion, it is worth to say that you can get the mentioned rooting advantages once you root your phone. It can significantly improve the work of your device. When you use unrooted device, the only thing you to be able to do will be imposed by your manufacturers and carriers. There will also be a list of useless pre-installed apps. Therefore, you will always have a feeling of not controlling your own device.

Rooting is the best way for you to get rid of all of those restrictions, useless apps and outside interference. Therefore, do not waste your time and take the control over your own device now.