Android is one of the most popular operating systems on the market, first of all, it’s versatile, open and you can customize it based on your personal needs. Many Android users are afraid of rooting their phone, but you would be surprised at the benefit you can accomplish. So, here are some things that Android rooting will provide you.

Unlock the hidden features

If you are an advanced user, then sometimes even Android can’t provide you features you are looking for. Some apps can be blocked by carriers, or they aren’t available. In this case, rooting can help you because it will provide you an opportunity to install the latest apps and make them compatible with your device. Overall, rooting gives you the power to do anything you want.

Automate everything

You have probably heard about the Tasker; this is an app that can automate anything on your phone. Of course, you don’t need to root your phone to install this app, but if you do, it will work much better. For example, some tasks such as toggling 3G, GPS, changing the PCU speed and turning on the screen. These actions require root access. So, if you want the full benefits of the Tracker, then you will have to root your phone.

It will boost your phone and prolong the battery life

Android RootMost Android users are facing these difficulties. After some time, you will probably notice that your phone is decreasing in speed and your battery lasts less. This is a typical thing because developers are making apps to support stronger and newer phones, which automatedly reduces the performance of older phones. But, if you root your phone and install the app called SetPCU, it can overclock your phone and provide better performance, while underclocking it for better battery life.

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